On the verge




Our texts are not clear and easy so they are to be commented but we are not going to do it. Let your thoughts, arguments and discourses do it for you .


released May 9, 2009

Salut! Our band PAROM formed in October 2008. It is three people whose positions on life, vegetarianism, open source software, poison free lifestyle, as well as political and social views vary but who share a common activity - that is doing more than music. To understand our position you have to understand us, firstly, as a punk collective, and only then as blah-blah-blah rock because our creative work carries a cultural and revolutionary spirit of protest. We are against the neo-liberal system and capitalist world but we do live in this big world of small compromises and contradictions, and we can't but oppose this! We are also against discrimination on the basis of race, gender or age although our works do not reflect all of these problems, just partially touch on them. As far as lyrical content is concerned, PAROM deals mostly in personal feelings without loud slogans or chants with dark undertone of dying intellectual society devoid of hope; no love poetry here.



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Parom Minsk, Belarus

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Track Name: On the verge
Your body, used to silk, is covered by the rags
And now you drink from pool instead of usual cup.
The shining gold of hear
Is darkened by the dust.

Do your thing
Depend on a hear
On the verge
Track Name: When you take French leave….
… Shame gets the better of us
Track Name: A step to the bygone
Passion is like sewing needle
After first touch
It makes persistent stitch

I don’t want to knit
The damaged dress
With threads which are from lie

A step to the bygone
Around the same circle
The same vicious circle
From your showing up friends
Track Name: Signs “=” (monster)
With the rise of sun day is drawing signs “=” with a monster
Look, yesterday you were lulling the conscience!

You got a swelled head by thought that flattery is proud.

It’s difficult for me to create a night for you which is without a dream
It’s so easy to sleep like a log
To be awaken by the alarm ring ay seven
And leave the dream for coma without having made your bed
Track Name: Who is your master?
Where is your lucid mind?
Why are all doors closed?
And who hides the key
Into the secret pocket?

Who is your master?
Who’s servant are you?
It will be read by the billboard’s line
And not by you
Track Name: Machine, man, fate
There are no doubts
It is a clear track
A dotted line
From the outside

It draws destinies
A forge
On the road
Under them

Superalloy in the metal teeth
Rubs after taking under bonnet

A groan that covered
Cry which was not to loud

There are no doubts
This is a black track
From lines that are not straight
From the outside

It is the boundary among
The flash and blood
It waves among
The shadows